Certified Copy

5 Jan

Certified Copy | 2010 | Director: Abbas Kiarostami | Site | IMDB
I did not know what I was getting with this film but I am very happy I stuck with it. It is extremely well acted. Juliette Binoche was amazing and William Shimell was just as good. At a certain point in the film you will realize what is really going on and watching this movie is worth it for that experience alone. Very sweet, charming and a little mysterious. I feel like this was one of the best movies of 2010 and deserves a wider audience.

You do get inklings of the twist in this movie early on but are still a little surprised when it all comes out. In this movie people keep fighting for something that may already be very lost. You start to realize you are walking down memory lane with these characters. You are left wondering what will happen.

Certified Copy Trailer


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