Red Dead Redemption

5 Jan

Red Dead Redemption | Third Person, Action | 2010 | Site
Honestly I want to give this game 10 stars. (Between my girlfriend and myself, we own four copies of this game – which is crazy) Red Dead Redemption has become the standard for which I judge all other games- from story, gameplay to multiplayer. It is a perfectly imagined open world in the wild west. You feel as powerful as a real gunslinger and are still challenged everywhere you go. The story in Red Dead is pitch perfect. The main character is a man flawed, harsh, rough, full of regret and all you want is his redemption. The story and ending will leave you wanting more and moved. It would be hard not to be changed by the ending of this game. If there was a game yet to make you cry, this is the closest that has come. The multiplayer for Red Dead is on another level than most other games. I believe as gaming moves forward many developers will implement the style Red Dead multiplayer has perfected. We have spent hours upon hours playing multiplayer not event competing or completing missions. I could write pages on how much I love this game but I will not. Hands down my FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME.

The character of John Marston is probably the best-developed game character I have ever played. I have mainly played the multiplayer on this but watched Larry play the full game through. (before we had two Xbox’s) I highly recommend this game to any player. The shooting system is easy for even beginners. This multiplayer is amazing.

Developer: Rockstar San Diego | Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Red Dead Redemption Trailer

Even our kitty, Yoshimi, loves Red Dead Redemption.


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