Exit Through the Gift Shop

20 Jan

Exit Through the Gift Shop | 2010 | Director: Banksy | Site | IMDB
This is the story of Thierry Guetta, a French shop keeper turned graffiti archivist whose ambition to meet and film the notorious Bansky was fulfilled only to have the camera turned on himself. Exit Through the Gift Shop is one of my top favorite documentaries of all time. At its core it is a gift to the world in the form exposing the artistic movement of graffiti. While providing this it is also very funny, thrilling, heartwarming and somewhere in there is a lesson. A lesson to future filmmakers and artists alike. You get an inside look at Banksy, even if it is thru his interpretations of another “artist”. If you love art, street crime or are intrigued by Bansky you will enjoy this film. I loved it.

This movie shows how a person can take a love or just obsession for a movement and totally disregard what the whole meaning of it is.  I have been a big fan of Banksy for over 10 years now so I was so excited to see a movie finally about this alluring street artist.  I was delightfully surprised to see how the focus was on Mr. Brainwash who I had not heard of before this.  The whole concept of this random man (Mr. Brainwash) and how he was introduced to street art and all of these amazing artists is enough to pull you in.  Just the shots of the street artists at work and the dangers of getting their art up is awesome in itself.  I really enjoyed this and have watched this about 3 times and know we will buy this and watch it many more. Definite must see documentary especially if you do not know much about the street art movement.

Exit Through the Gift Shop Trailer


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