Batman Arkham City

29 Jan

Batman Arkham City | Third Person, Action, Adventure
| 2011 | Site

You WILL feel like Batman when you play Batman Arkham City. Whether it’s the fluid powerful combat, the gadgets, the detective skills or most memorably the flying. Arkham City is an open world game and when that world is Arkham City it is going to be exciting. The storyline is great for fans of the comics and the Batman universe. Basically, you begin as Bruce Wayne and are captured and thrown into Arkham city where once you become Batman you begin to see how certain inmates of Arkham are fighting for power and control of the city. You will encounter nearly all of the great villains in the Batman cannon. Without feeling like they all got thrown into this open area together. Some of the villains you may never encounter if you stick strictly to the main story. The amount of non-required content in this game is astounding. I can’t count the number of hours I spent collecting Riddler Trophies or tracking down corpses with their faces removed. The gameplay and fighting feels so much more fluid and powerful over Batman Arkham Asylum. The incorporation of gadgets into combat is just what the fighting needed to evolve it in the right direction without losing the core feeling from the first game. I loved the story in Arkham city however; simply soaring from rooftop to rooftop is what makes this game for me.

This game begins with you as Bruce Wayne. From there you get thrown into Arkham City where you have to fight all of the great enemies in the Batman world.  Most of my enjoyment from this game simply came from flying through the city as Batman.  Rocksteady made it so smooth to grapple and fly, which makes it so much fun just getting from mission to mission.  Not only are there several main super villains for you to fight, but also you can find so many side missions just flying through the city. You get to choose what gadgets you get and what you want to upgrade as you progress through the game. Thus making it tons of fun fighting the inmates of Arkham City.  I really enjoyed how you are able to use gadgets in your fight combos. I always try to get 20+ combos when fighting larger groups, which can get hard for me since I am horrible at blocking.  You also get to play as Catwoman, which I loved because she is a Badass.  I did find it hilarious how the camera always seemed to focus on Catwoman’s butt. There is so much for you to find just exploring the city. Awesome things like meeting up with Calendarman during actual holidays to hear about different murders. This game is amazing and even if you do not know a ton about the Batman world you can enjoy Batman Arkham City because of how great it is.Developer: Rocksteady Studios | Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC

Batman Arkham City Trailer


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