Paranormal Activity 3

1 Feb

Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3 | 2011 | Directors: Henry Joost &
Ariel Schulman | Site | IMDB

Paranormal Activity 3 is the origin story for the first two Paranormal Activity films. In the film young sisters Katie and Kristi befriend an invisible man named Toby that resides in their home. I did enjoy this movie; however it was my least favorite of the three Paranormal Activity films. There were some great scary moments and you are guaranteed to jump several times. If you are like us the best place to watch this and the previous two films will be in bed late at night. It adds to the atmosphere considerably and undeniably adds some points to the score. I felt that the scares came in this film a little too quickly and a little too heavy handedly. What really makes these types of films work is the sense of not knowing. Is this really happening or is it all in our heads? Paranormal Activity 3 makes the mistake of revealing too much too soon. The story reveals too soon that the things happening in this house are not the in the imagination of the characters, but something definitely more unsettling. As soon as you know something paranormal is occurring the insecurity and a are considerably alleviated. The problem I have with this is that once the ghostly antagonist is revealed anything goes. There are no more rules governing the horror. This takes me out of the film. What makes this type of documentary style horror work for me is keeping the threat ambiguous. Once you know where the threat is coming from it becomes less threatening. I wanted to be strung along a little bit longer before the scares were revealed. An aspect of the film I really enjoyed was the family lineage thread that is sewn through each film. It continued through this film and was one of my favorite, if only, plot points. The director and writers strategically and smartly continue what ultimately could be a great narrative throughout these films. The ending will surprise you, but may not frighten you as well as the previous films. You know what you are getting with Paranormal Activity 3, great scares and tension.

Paranormal Activity 3, obviously, is the third installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise. This film gives you a look into the two sisters, Katie and Kristi, pasts and how their haunting began. Expectedly, this movie brought the usual jumps and scares that the past two films had. I did not particularly care for the ending of this film. The cheesy outweighed the frightening in the last 10 to 15 minutes. I did enjoy the idea they chose to make a movie to show you how it all began. I was never really scared watching Paranormal Activity 3, despite one or two screams, but I did have some pretty terrible nightmares afterward. Do watch this film; but not before going to bed.

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer


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