David Cross: Let America Laugh

2 Feb

David Cross: Let America Laugh | 2003 | Directors: Lance Bangs,
David Cross | IMDB

David Cross: Let America Laugh is a documentary that follows comedian/actor David Cross during his 2002 comedy tour for his album Shut Up You Fucking Baby. This is one of my favorite comedy tour films. If you are fan of David Cross or of the “alternative” comedy scene there is a lot in this film for you. You are privy to hours of behind the scenes antics and encounters Cross faces throughout his tour. You get very brief snip-its from his act. Where Cross shines is in his interactions with his tour mates, fans and club owners. Other comedians have taped similar tour films but Let America Laugh, in mind, stands apart. It would have been hard to write some of the things that happen along the way. Highlights include getting kicked out of a club for going on a rant onstage about a shitty club owner, while still at his club, a Mr. Show autographing, David’s sister and of course Squagles. I loved this comedy documentary and it should be in the library of any comedy nerd.

This is a behind the scenes look at David Cross’ 2002 comedy tour across the U.S. If you are a fan of David Cross, Mr. Show, Kids in the Hall or The State you will love this film. The on-stage and behind the scenes footage was hilarious and was accompanied by great music. I was not a huge fan of the ongoing skit in between cuts of the different shows. Which is why my score is not a 5. David Cross is hilarious and I will watch anything he is a part of.

David Cross: Let America Laugh Trailer


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