Saints Row the Third

7 Feb

Saints Row the Third | Third Person, Action | 2011 | Site
Lets see how many great things I can say about this game in my review. Obviously, I loved this game. Not for the reasons I usually love a great game but strictly because of the open world gameplay. Story is always number one for me in any game I play. Saints Row the Third does have a story, but it would have been just as fun without it. It was well written, very funny and the character creation is great and deep. Games attempting to be over the top, like Duke Nukem, need to take a page out of Saints Row the Third to learn how it could and should be done. Enough on the story, gameplay and missions are where SRTT shines. You are able to level up your characters abilities, your gangs’ abilities, vehicles, weapons and strongholds (homes). This was one of the most fun and rewarding elements. You begin Saints Row as basically a rockstar gangster, you are famous and everyone knows who you are. From here rival gangs move in and the story unfolds. You start very high-powered and move up quickly from there. The more side missions you take on the faster you acquire skills, vehicles etc. You can start flying around the city almost instantly. I cannot emphasize enough how entertaining flying around the different burrows in a jet is, I’m sure you can imagine. I found myself after each mission heading back to my home to get or calling in a jet just to take me to the next area. Even if I was in the jet for only a minute it was worth getting. The city of Steelport is well built and looks great. At times the city can feel alive. Random characters interacting can be very funny and pulls you in deeper. However, the lack of buildings you can enter while roaming deadens the city slightly. They become just pretty buildings. If you are looking for a great plot and character development, Saints Row is not the game for you. If you are looking for hours upon hours of laughs and unbelievably fun gameplay Saints Row the Third is what you want. Side note: Tank Demolition (sounds like what it is) and Snatch (basically you are timed and have to steal other gangs prostitutes and drop them off at your safe  zone) are two of my favorite side missions to take on. If you only play SRTT for a short time try those two first. Oh and did I mention you can play the entire game in co-op?Developer: Volition | Publisher: THQ
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3
, PC

Saints Row the Third Trailer


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