Alan Wake

8 Feb

Alan Wake | Third Person, Survival Horror,
Action, Adventure | 2010 | Site

In anticipation of the upcoming Alan Wake: American Nightmare coming to Xbox Live Arcade February 22, I thought we should review one of my all-time favorite games, Alan Wake. This is a survival horror, third person, action game starring writer Alan Wake. There is so much Alan Wake does right for an original i.p. Alan Wake is a writer suffering from writer’s block and to try and break through he goes on a vacation with his wife to the Pacific Northwest. Almost as soon as they arrive his wife disappears and he sets out to find her. At its core Alan Wake is a survival horror game. The atmosphere is gorgeous and terrifying. Every time the wind picks up, the clouds begin to shift and block out the moon your hair will stand on end. Something horrible is coming. The gameplay is also fantastic. Through aiming your flashlight at enemies you weaken them enough to put rounds in them and destroy them. There is a great dodge mechanic that plays into the tension and ambiance. When you time a dodge just right your camera goes into slow motion and you get to watch as you just missed getting killed – it’s a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, Alan Wake was released the same day as Red Dead Redemption and ultimately I think that hurt the game’s sales. Remedy has released several pieces of DLC that where great and helped bring the world of Alan Wake to a harsher darker place. I am so excited for the release of American Nightmare. The original looked great but American Nightmare looks so much better and the new enemies look awesome, especially the splitter. Night Springs forever!

SPOILERS – This game is about an author who tries to get away to a small town and write with his wife.  Unfortunately, his writing comes to life and a character in one of his novels takes his wife. Larry and I were very excited for this game when it first came out. When I played Alan Wake it took me a while to get used to the controls and I found it kind of difficult to play. After I got down the controls I was able to enjoy this game and it had me jumping so many times. Essentially you are fighting darkness and you have a flashlight and a few guns spread throughout the game. The darkness possesses people and objects and they try and attack you but when you shine them with your light you are able to kill the darkness. This game is definitely horror survival and at many parts you are on edge wondering if you will be able to make it to the next light. Playing this in the dark definitely helps with the suspense.

Developer: Remedy Entertainment | Publisher: Microsoft
Platforms: Xbox 360, PC

Alan Wake Trailer

Alan Wake: American Nightmare Trailer


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