The Darkness 2 Demo

9 Feb

The Darkness 2 Demo | First Person, Shooter, Action | 2012 | Site
I loved The Darkness when it was released in 2007. Which was only amplified by my love of Mike Patton. The Darkness 2 Demo only reveals a tiny bit of the story from what I’ve gathered is as follows. You are still the antagonist gangster from the first Darkness, Jackie Estacado. The demo starts with Jackie captured by a, lets say, evil looking crippled gentleman seeking to take his powers. Ok, enough guessing about the story. Quad wielding, which these games have hailed as their bread and butter, is back and feels great. I couldn’t remember exactly how quad wielding worked and I was a little anxious if I could get back into the swing of it quickly. I was surprised how natural and rewarding it felt. There are many updates to the demon arm mechanics. I was able to jump in right away and start ripping people apart and tossing them across rooms. Aside from the arms the gunplay is snappy and very crunchy. I mean crunchy in the best way possible. You’ll have as much fun putting bullets into people, as you will into light bulbs. There is a slight aim lock when using weapons. It is definitely warranted and helps when there are multiple enemies and several things happening on screen. The aim lock is not overpowering but feels so far like it could be very useful later on in the game. The art style is something else that has been updated. Getting away from the more realistic style the first game had the Darkness 2 opts for a more stylized, comic book meets better looking Borderlands. It works well. And of course Mike Patton is back as the voice of the darkness. He is the perfect choice, he’s haunting, frightening and eerie. I strongly recommend the demo. I planned on picking up The Darkness 2 eventually, but I will definitely be getting this game sooner having played the demo.

I had not played the original Darkness so I did not know what to expect. I had seen the commercials for Darkness 2 (no game play) but wasn’t really brought in by them. Playing the demo I died right away, but my second time I made it through the entire demo without dying. I found it amazing how you have four limbs and so many ways to kill. I love the demon kills, they are filled with so much gore and the more gore the more essence points you get. I will definitely have to get better at shooting out the lights before entering an area. When you’re in a gunfight it can become very easy to forget. You’re character is a gangster and the fact that Mike Patton is the voice of the Darkness makes this game even more awesome. Also, the RPG side of me really likes how you can control what upgrades you get and where you want to focus them. I am very excited for this game now and cannot wait utill we get this.

Developer: Digital Extremes | Publisher: 2K Games
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC

The Darkness 2 Trailer


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