10 Feb

Bronson | 2008 | Director: Nicolas Winding Refn | Site | IMDB
Bronson is a semi-biographical film about Great Brittan’s most “violent” prisoner, Michael Peterson a.k.a. Charles Bronson. Michael Peterson was sent to prison in the seventies for robbing a post office of less than fifty dollars and because of his violent, reckless anti-authoritative behavior has spent over 30 years in jail, mostly in solitary confinement. Director, Nicolas Winding Refn (Driver and Valhalla Rising) does an amazing job bringing to life the alter ego of Bronson. As the years go on, fight after fight, riot after riot prisoner Peterson takes on the persona of Charles Bronson. He is a man to be feared and admired. This is an extremely stylized film and beautifully done. Of the three Refn films, Bronson is heads above my favorite. Tom Hardy is amazing as Bronson. His madness and awkwardness is a thing of beauty. His performance is to say the least mesmerizing.

This film is based on Michael Peterson a.k.a. Charles Bronson, who is known as Britain’s most violent criminal. Bronson is a fictionalized biographical story, the lead being played by Tom Hardy. Hardy does an incredible job as the crazy character that is Bronson. I truly loved how director Nicolas Winding Refn chose to show Peterson’s real world contrasted to Bronson’s self-created fantasy world. Nicolas Winding Refn, who recently directed Drive, does an incredible job making something so ferociously violent so subtly intense through his actors. This film made me laugh, cry and wince at the numerous brutal fight scenes. Very reminiscent to what I felt during Drive. Refn is easily becoming one of my favorite directors. I highly recommend this movie as a must see.

Bronson Trailer

Best dance scene EVER!


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