11 Feb

Timecrimes | 2007 | Director: Nacho Vigalondo | Site | IMDB
A man finds himself pulled into a strange succession of events, which ultimately leads him to accidentally time travel and through a series of unforeseeable disasters. Timecrimes is a fantastic Spanish science fiction thriller from director, Nacho Vigalondo. You do not need grand special effects or even any special effects at all to be a great science fiction film and Vigalondo proves this in spades. You are escorted through the first third of this film-revealing clue after clue allowing you to happily predict what will happen next. This technique works out well by completely blindsiding you when Vigalondo leads the film away from where you thought you were destined to go. As Timecrimes went deeper and deeper into the mystery of what was unfolding I enjoyed the film more and more. The addition of layer upon layer to the story builds great pressure and apprehension. Including up through the ending, which was fantastic and thank god did not have a huge twist. The lead character, Héctor, was brilliant. He was able to portray several versions of himself more evolved each time and more in control. Streaming on Netflix now Timecrimes is absolutely worth watching or owning. (I love the Spanish title for Timecrimes – Los cronocrímenes – so awesome)

This movie starts out with a man coming home to his wife who is in the backyard of their new home gardening.  As he sits in the backyard taking in nature with his binoculars he sees something in the distance.  This is one of the few strange and unexplained things that happen to the main character from the start. As the film continues on, it becomes very intense and suspenseful. The further into the movie you get you begin to understand what has happened and why it is continuing to happen. The main character Héctor played by Karra Elejalde keeps trying to repair what he has broken. The storytelling in this film is very smart and for the subject matter the film covers there do not seem to be any noticeable holes.

Timecrimes Trailer
(This trailer does containt SPOILERS- just a heads up)


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