Revenge of the Electric Car

13 Feb

Revenge of the Electric Car | 2011 | Director: Chris Paine |
Site | IMDB

In the follow up to 2006’s, Who Killed the Electric Car, director Chris Paine goes behind closed doors at GM, Nissan and electric car start-up, Tesla, to understand the problems and resurgance of electric cars. During Who Killed the Electric Car the director took, or was perhaps forced, to take the outsider’s approach as to who was destroying the electric car industry. Revenge of the Electric Car has a completely different feel, aesthetic, outlook and style. You are the insider in this film. We have full access .to the most important players in the electric car industry and get answers to most of our questions. This was a great follow up but felt like a completely different director and documentary. The three perspectives given through GM, Nissan and Tesla are amazing, detailed and profound. The majority of this film felt very doom and gloom. It seemed everything in the world, including it’s economy, was stacked against car makers, American car makers, specifically to make any sort of stand in the electric car industry. It felt like a huge system shock when the last ten minutes of the film becomes very optimistic. They offer optimistic statistics and leave you with the feeling each company is on the rise. I am curious why more of the film wasn’t dedicated to the uprising of these companies. This was a very good documentary but left me feeling a little unbalanced. Am I supposed to be optimistic for the future or weary the electric car will disappear again?

Coming soon…

Revenge of the Electric Car Trailer


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