Her Favorites From New York Fashion Week

15 Feb

BandofoutsidersBand of Outsiders

This collection is so feminine with a touch of tomboy.  The designer is from the Midwest like me and plays with the idea of preppy meets edgy.

aliceandoliviaAlice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia’s Spring and Summer line is so vintage with a feminine flair. Think of vintage Barbie meets Mad Men. I want so many pieces from this line and the colors are lovely.


I really love the fabric they used in a lot of the skinny suits with this collection. I do not like the trend they have with the men wearing the sporty sandals but I am seeing this with other men’s collections too. Please do not start this trend they are the ugliest sandals ever.

Spring/Summer 2012 CollectionErin by Erin Fetherston

There are so many beautiful feminine dresses in this collection. It is a small but strong collection I love the lace and soft fabrics. I really like the floral patterns but I am not a huge fan of the butterflies.

Spring/Summer 2012 Collection - New YorkHonor

This collection is so vintage and adorable especially the shoes which I love. As you can tell I love lace and this collection has so much of it and I also found the reverse peter pan collars very interesting.


Each dress is so feminine and ethereal and I love how she has the runway set up as an aisle way. She plays on vintage colors and fabrics which I love. I feel like many of the dresses have the design from the 1920’s.

jasonwuJason Wu

This is the Designer Michelle Obama wore during her first days in the White House. He has such a feminine style with a little bit of a hard edge to his designs.

jennypakhamJenny Packham

If I ever needed to wear a gown to an event I would love to have one of hers. Everything about her dresses are gorgeous.

LwrenL’Wren Scott

There were some beautiful pieces within this collection. She has a vintage taste with her designs and there is a certain red dress I love.

MarcMarc by Marc Jacobs

I really enjoy the colors he is using for Spring/Summer 2012 and the men’s suits are great. I love the girly one-piece bathing suits.

Spring/Summer 2012 CollectionMarc Jacobs

So cute I want every purse in this show.

millyMilly by Michelle Smith

I want so much from this line.  The patterns and colors are fantastic and so chic.

oscardelarentaOscar De La Renta

No explanation needed at all for this collection, just gorgeous.

porterPorter Grey

Theses designs are so beautiful and I love the colors and clean lines.

rachelaRachel Antonoff

I love, love, love this collection it’s so feminine and girly.  Cute prints, lace and lovely colors.


I usually don’t go for such bold pattern mixing but there is something here that just pulls me in. I also love all of the colors and prints.

Spring/Summer 2012 CollectionTory Birch

This collection is so adorable with the classic styles and the colors are fantastic.

traceyTracy Reese

This collection is ultra feminine with sheer fabrics and wonderful patterns.

vivienneVivienne Tam

She has so many cute dresses and layering pieces.  I also love the use of soft colors and bright floral patterns.


I would describe this line as having simple designs with an urban edge appeal. There is something about the colors, patterns and layering I love.

zacposenZac Posen

Red Carpet Beauty.


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