The Darkness 2

18 Feb

The Darkness 2 | First Person, Shooter, Action | 2012 | Site
I loved The Darkness when it was released in 2007. Which was only amplified by my love of Mike Patton. The Darkness 2 picks up years after the first game. Remaining the protagonist from The Darkness you are Jackie Estacado. Jackie has become head of a crime family and is still morning the loss of his girlfriend Jenny. I enjoyed the plot and story in The Darkness 2 a great deal more then the first game. The new art style the game takes on (I will discuss later) helps even more to bring the story and characters to life. Each scene in the game could be a panel in a comic book. Being adapted from Top Cow’s comic book The Darkness, Digital Extremes pays homage to the original material.In a nutshell, there is a group called The Brotherhood that wants the Darkness in Jackie. They go after him anyway they can. On the opposite side Jackie has to deal with the Darkness himself. The Darkness taunts Jackie with the thought his girlfriend is in hell and will remain there unless Jackie appeases the Darkness. Taking plot points from the comic. There is a fantastic twist at the end mentioning the Darkness only true enemy, The Angelus. I won’t say any more but they lead nicely into what could be a great sequel. Along with the story the gameplay is fantastic. Quad wielding is back, both games have hailed as their bread and butter and it feels great. I couldn’t remember exactly how quad wielding worked and I was a little anxious if I could get back into the swing of it quickly. I was surprised how natural and rewarding it felt. There are many updates to the demon arm mechanics. I was able to jump in right away and start ripping people apart and tossing them across rooms. Aside from the arms the gunplay is snappy and very crunchy. I mean crunchy in the best way possible. You’ll have as much fun putting bullets into people as you will into light bulbs. There is a slight aim lock when using weapons. It is definitely warranted and helps when there are multiple enemies and several things happening on screen. The aim lock is not overpowering and becomes very useful and less noticeable later in the game. This game definitely offers a challenge on your first play-through. Like Batman Arkham City, New Game Plus has been implemented to encourage multiple play-throughs. The game lasts about ten to fifteen hours and I will definitely be playing through it again. Mainly to take advantage of the light RPG element of leveling skills, but also because the game is that good. There are also single player / co-op side missions that run along adjacent to the main story line. They offer multiple characters with different weapons and abilities to play as. The side missions are fantastic and bring a multiplayer experience to The Darkness with some additional story. As mentioned previously the art style is something else that has been updated. The Darkness 2 rids itself of the more lifelike realism the first game had and opts for a more stylized, comic book meets better looking Borderlands. It works well. And of course Mike Patton is back as the voice of the darkness. He is the perfect choice, he’s haunting, frightening and eerie. Even after dramatic changes to gameplay and art style the Darkness 2 is one of the best games I have played this year.
Developer: Digital Extremes | Publisher: 2K Games
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC

The Darkness 2 Trailer


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