19 Feb

Septien | 2011 | Director: Michael Tully | Site | IMDB
After disappearing for eighteen years Cornelius reappears back at his family’s farm to live with his two psychologically unhinged brothers. I will preface this with I was fairly excited to see this film and had slightly higher expectations going into it. I am a huge fan of Southern Gothic films like Shotgun Stories and Winter’s Bone subsequently I was excited for Septien. Sorry to say, I was very disappointed. The story was great and strange and dark like you would expect a good Southern Gothic film to be but it fell short on so many other levels. The dialogue and acting was sub-par. Even though I loved the aesthetic and style of each actor they all fell flat. So much so to the fact that the film was stolen by John Maringouin, the Preacher, who only appeared in about fifteen to twenty minutes of the film. Like I stated before the story or rather the idea of the story was fantastic. It’s a film about redemption, self-worth and being able to let go. Each character is stagnant and violently flawed and the ending builds to a fantasy hellish scenario where they must purge their former self in order to move forward. Although I did not care for this film as much as I had hoped the last quarter is superb and hits all the right notes. It ALMOST redeems the movie. If you have the time and patience I would recommend giving Septien a chance, if only for the finale.

Septien Trailer


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