Erasing David

20 Feb

Erasing David | 2010 | Director: David Bond, Melinda McDougall |
Site | IMDB

In Erasing David director David Bond attempts to answer the question how much information do companies and the government have on its citizens? While reviewing this information David attempts to disappear for an entire month whilst being pursued by two relentless private investigators. This documentary was very fun, thrilling at times and a little scary. Without spoiling too much David exposes some very interesting aspects of British government and their attempts at public surveillance. England has become a hot bed of governmental surveillance on its citizens and David does a brilliant job of shedding some light on the issue. Where this documentary really shines is in the cat and mouse game played by David and the private investigators. David hired two private investigators to attempt to find him for a month long period. I will not spoil if they catch him but it is thrilling and is the more entertaining section of the film. I wish the investigators had given up some more secrets to tracking, but I can understand why they didn’t. If you are concerned about your privacy but want to learn about it in a cheeky way you will enjoy Erasing David. (Sidenote: The private investigator’s company is Cerberus, aka the evil organization in Mass Effect, – I got a nerdy kick out of that.)

Erasing David Trailer


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