I Am Comic

21 Feb

I Am Comic | 2010 | Director: Jordan Brady | IMDB
I Am Comic takes a behind the scenes look at the life onstage and off of a comedian. Comedians of today and the past discuss their craft, techniques, why they do it and why they hate doing it. Being a very big fan of comedy I was pleased to see a lot of my favorites interviewed like Sarah Silverman, Todd Glass and Louis C.K. but I felt with a film like this director Jordan Brady missed a bigger opportunity to take advantage of the current resurgence in comedy. He gets a fair majority of the big comedy stars but I would have liked to see more from the booming alternative comedy scene. (like Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Brian Posehn or Pete Holmes) Don’t get me wrong it was definitely very funny but being a comedy fan already it left a little to be desired in getting into the mind of a comic. For beginning comedy nerds/fans this would be a great introduction to the comedy scene. Running parallel to the main storyline was the story of Ritch Shydner, former comedian trying to get back in the game. It was painful, heartwarming and charming to watch Ritch get some laughs and just as entertaining when he bombed. The opportunity to film Ritch get back into comedy arose from within the film itself and would have been a little tighter if we got a clearer picture of where he was headed and if he really pursued it. Hardcore fans of comedy will enjoy seeing some of their favorites talking about their art but won’t get much more then that.

I Am Comic Trailer


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