Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (First Impression)

22 Feb

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (First Impression) | Third
Person, Shooter, Survival Horror, Action, Adventure | 2012 | Site

I haven’t finished this game yet (only a couple hours in) and I couldn’t wait to talk about it. It is fan-freaking-tastic. The story and gameplay are fluid and dark. My time has been spent as follows: I walk around a bit, explore then just stop and look around. The game is beautiful, and I will never stop enjoying being able to look around with a flashlight. Something about pouring the flashlight from surface to surface in the game is absolutely petrifying. You feel like you are just a turn away from something terrifying. I am only a couple of hours in and I have physically jumped around five or six times. Knowing this is a stand-alone XBLA game and not a true sequel makes me want Alan Wake 2 even more.
* My full review will be up soon *

Developer: Remedy | Publisher: Microsoft
Platforms: XBLA

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Trailer


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