25 Feb

Neds | 2010 | Director: Peter Mullan | IMDB
This movie is about an exceptionally intelligent young boy in Glasgow named John whose situation is hard for him to escape. John is growing up in Scotland with an alcoholic abusive father and a brother who is deeply involved in gang violence.  It begins with John trying to stay away from the gangs and to not be like his older brother. The downward spiral that occurs in this film is heartbreaking because you see how hard John was trying to avoid the footsteps of his brother. Through everything I was rooting for John no matter what he did. I could see what made him fall and felt so deeply for this character. This movie was written and directed by Peter Mullan who also plays the father and I must say he did an amazing job. This is a Scottish film with absolutely necessary subtitles. Their accents are so thick at times it comes across as a foreign language. This is a beautiful and sad film and I am glad I decided to watch this film I randomly found on Netflix.

Neds Trailer


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