Dead Island

27 Feb

Dead Island | First Person, Action, Survival Horror | 2011 | Site
Dead Island takes place on an exotic, tropical island where a zombie outbreak has destroyed the island and infected most of the inhabitants. You take control of one of four characters on a resort for different reasons all with unique skill sets. Dead Island is an excellent blend of first person action and survival horror. There is also a light RPG element that allows each character to level up different skill sets. It also allows you to assemble, upgrade and create weapons. The zombie genre in video games is definitely over saturated but Dead Island adds some twists that help set it apart. For instance you can get tired. What an idea! Just like in the real zombie apocalypse. If you are running away or swinging a baseball bat, eventually you will get fatigued and have to rest. And unlike most first person games almost all your weapons are melee. I enjoyed this facet of the game. It helped to create a certain pace and tension while setting itself apart from games like Left for Dead. Although Dead Island is a great game it did come with flaws. This game is upon release was severely glitched. Most of the glitches have been patched since the game’s release, but having played Dead Island soon after it came it out there were numerous problems. There was one glitch in particular that almost broke the game. It required logging on to co-op mode then backing out to repair the problem. It is understandable that a game this large and having an open world will have some glitches but there is a reasonable assumption the game will not break. Despite the problems it had, in hindsight the glitches will not stop me from replaying in the future, I was left having had a memorable unique experience. One final aspect of the game I really enjoyed was the zombie cannon. It is hard to create something new in the zombie genre but I found what Techland did very clever. I am referring to the combination of fast zombies and lumbering zombies. The fast zombies were people who had just been infected and so they were full of rage, anger and still had full motor function. The disease was killing their body but they weren’t fully dead yet. Then there were the traditional slow lumbering zombies. These people were infected had died and had come back. They were slow, could not run and were really only dangerous in groups, if you got to close or were too tired. It was very clever and combined excellent gameplay challenges while keeping the zombie cannon fresh and without the cost of having zombies with special powers (which I hate for the most part – a zombie should not know how to use a weapon or be superhuman).  While not nearly as good as the trailer Dead Island was still entertaining, frightening and challenging.

Developer: Techland | Publisher: Deep Silver
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3
, PC

Dead Island Trailer


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