Battlefield 3

28 Feb

Battlefield 3 | First Person, Shooter, Action | 2011 | Site
Battlefield 3 is a modern military first person shooter. Unfortunately like most military shooters the story leaves much to be desired. You play as a soldier under interrogation regarding an incident you were recently a part of. Your missions are structured as flash back episodes you replay during your interrogation. The story was very reminiscent of Call of Duty Black Ops, which was structurally laid out the exact same way. Not to spoil the story or ending, but it was laid out in the EXACT same way. Gameplay is where Battlefield 3 shines. Of all the modern military shooters out there the Battlefield franchise stands apart regarding gameplay, realism, sound and destruction. The guns and sights feel like they have weight and the inclusion of bullet drop adds a more realistic element to gunplay. It is not as arcadey as it’s counterparts and the aim lock is a lot less noticeable. Destruction is where Battlefield 3 helps set itself apart. Aside from being extremely fun leveling buildings and blowing holes in walls being able to destroy the landscape adds a layer of strategy to each mission. Each play through has the potential to be radically different from the last. If you need a site-line to the battle- just make a hole in the wall – brilliant. Perhaps my favorite element of Battlefield 3 is the sound design. The gunfire is simply amazing and sounds perfect. It adds weight to the weapons, reflects the environmental conditions and enhances shooting to a level above any other shooter. I also greatly enjoyed the enemy physics in the game. It was hard to really notice, but bullet placement on an enemy really affected the enemy’s death and fall. It didn’t feel like canned animation, like other shooters, and created some interesting deaths in the process. It felt as though each kill had the potential to be drastically different from the last. They didn’t just fall to their knees Platoon style. Aside form single player the multiplayer offers all the same components, along with the addition of more vehicles. The Frostbite 2 engine is amazing. It allows for a beautiful, photo realistic world and the addition of vehicular combat. The vehicles in Battlefield multiplayer create a completely different and much larger atmosphere from other shooters. That combined with destruction and excellent sound design, in my opinion, makes Battlefield 3 the best modern military shooter to date.

Developer: Digital Illusions CE | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3
, PC

Battlefield 3 Trailer


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