This is England

3 Mar

This is England | 2006 | Director: Shane Meadows | Site | IMDB
This is England is the story of a troubled boy growing up in England. After being bullied he befriends a group of skinheads that become his new best friends. He begins to come into his own, build his confidence, make good friends be it older. When the return of a former skinhead, fresh from jail, throws their group of friends into anarchy. Very well told and believable are the hardships of growing into a man after the loss of his father in the Falklands War. You can feel the ability of this group to mold and shape a young mind right on the cusp of manhood. It is this fine line the story and main character ride that fill the film with tension and suspense. You are prepared any minute for the child you have been hoping for will be swayed into leading a good life. But at any moment he could grasp onto a piece of something that could poison him. Very darkly shot. Acts unfold like you walked into the scene. Very real with a sensation it could have been shot with a handheld camera. This is England is an excellent film, reminiscent of Neds or American History X. The lead actor, Shaun, played by Thomas Turgoose was incredible. He was cute, charming, heartwarming and always seconds away from breaking your heart. Set in the early eighties, This is England is timeless. (Check out the This is England website – it has a lot of cool info about the film and actors and looks great

This is England Trailer


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