Take Shelter

4 Mar

Take Shelter | 2011 | Director: Jeff Nichols | Site | IMDB
Suffering from apocalyptic visions a father and husband begins to prepare for an oncoming cataclysmic storm. All to the disbelief and concern of his friends and family. Take Shelter is one of my favorite films of 2011. Directed by Jeff Nichols, who also directed another one of my favorite films, Shotgun stories, starring the same lead Michael Shannon. Another foray into the Southern Gothic genre plus an apocalyptic twist. The cinematography was gorgeous. Wide expansive spaces look gorgeous and entirely ominous. Michael Shannon was completely shunned as a potential Oscar Nominee this year. He is tortured, broken and still strong enough to try and keep his family safe. A vivid picture is portrayed into the mind of someone with mental illness. What can you do if you think you might be having a psychotic episode and have a family history of mental illness? His situation is so intense and anxiety-ridden. You are rooting so hard for Curtis, Michael Shannon, the entire film. Never have I wanted the apocalypse to arrive in a film more then to prove Curtis isn’t crazy. I loved this film. The score was beautiful and builds slow tension that comprises most of the film and compliments the moments of terror. I will say no more then the ending will leave you speechless, fulfilled and guessing for days. SEE THIS FILM.

Take Shelter Trailer


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