6 Mar

Outrage | 2011 | Director: Takeshi Kitano | Site | IMDB
The latest film from Takeshi Kitano, a.k.a. Beat Takeshi, Outrage is the story of betrayal and backstabbing within a group of Yakuza families. Reminiscent of Infernal Affairs or The Departed Outrage deals with the leader of a major crime syndicate and his decision to destroy the drug trafficking arm of a competing syndicate. All through his long suffering subordinate. Takeshi Kitano stars in and directs Outrage. He manages however small the part to steal each scene he is in. You believe he is a man capable of anything and ready to explode at any second. The film is tremendously violent with an incredibly intricate storyline that unfolds throughout the film. Each section of the film is capped with an extremely violent death, one more gruesome then the next. As the backstabbing and true intentions are revealed the murder and violence ramps up to a rewarding finale. Outrage is one of Takeshi Kitano’s most violent films in years. Being extremely versed in Asian film, I did find Outrage slightly difficult to follow. It was difficult simply for the reason the plot was very elaborate and several characters had interweaving stories and deceptions going. For this reason alone it made it a little tough to follow the subtitles. By and large Outrage is a beautifully violent, character driven great Yakuza film.

Outrage Trailer


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