Nerdcore Rising

10 Mar

Nerdcore Rising | 2008 | Director: Negin Farsad
& Kim Gatewood | Site | IMDB

Nerdcore Rising documents the first U.S. tour of MC Frontalot, the “Godfather of Nerdcore” and his group of eccentric, nerdy band mates. Much of the film follows Frontalot and his band from show to show gaining mild but continued support from Nerdcore fans. Interviews with “Weird” Al Yankovic, Brian Posehn, Jello Biafra and many others build a background on what it is to be a nerd and what that term has come to define. It is a very broad word and seems to cover anyone who has had their obsessions and eccentricities build a wall of social awkwardness and scrutiny. Almost everyone can relate to this and it was very poignant seeing how each artist has turned that aspect of themselves into something artistic and something to be proud of. As the film progress you get an almost complete understanding of the Nerdcore hip-hop movement, despite opposing viewpoints from artists in the Nerdcore movement and hip-hop artists. You get to see the very early stages of a band on the verge of something much bigger. Shows only half filled and unable to get interviews on college radio stations give insight to what determination it takes to succeed on any level. A small gripe I had was wishing the sound had been recorded a little better at the show. Being unfamiliar with MC Frontalot’s music I would have liked a cleaner better sounding first impression. Many documentaries suffer from this next issue. I found it extremely annoying in the last thirty seconds of the film there is a collage of articles and videos all quickly cut showing all the success MC Frontalot has had since his first tour. The entire film you are hoping and waiting for some break. It does come but without the payoff. This film is about the understanding and struggle of a genre newly formed but success of that struggle can be equally as entertaining.

Nerdcore Rising Trailer


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