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American Vampire

7 Mar

I started reading American Vampire recently and I am pulled into this comic. The series has a connection to the first American Vampire and the people he has affected since becoming a vampire. Scott Snyder does an amazing job with the  different groups of vampires and creating the stories to show all of their strengths and weaknesses. I have always liked vampire stories and this one is fantastic and original.  The artwork is also wonderful which just helps strengthen the entire story. American Vampire is released monthly by Vertigo.


Hunger Games

1 Mar

Hunger Games is one of my favorite book series and shortly it will be made into a movie.  It is a softer version of the Japanese series Battle Royale and the main characters are so likable.  The cast looks terrific for the movie version and I am very excited to see it.  The book series is written by Suzanne Collins and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys post-apocolyptic, sci-fi and young adult books. This is a must read and see.

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