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Attack the Block

13 Mar

Attack the Block | 2011 | Director: Joe Cornish | Site | IMDB
What would happen if aliens invaded South London? That is the premise of Attack the Block. A group of hoodies and punks take up arms to defend their block from an alien invasion. This is one of the best science fiction films in years. Writer / director Joe Cornish optimistically suggests that gangs, hoodies and other deviants would step up and fight for those that couldn’t fight on their block. I would like to believe this was the case, but regardless is extremely funny and entertaining Continue reading


6 Mar

Outrage | 2011 | Director: Takeshi Kitano | Site | IMDB
The latest film from Takeshi Kitano, a.k.a. Beat Takeshi, Outrage is the story of betrayal and backstabbing within a group of Yakuza families. Reminiscent of Infernal Affairs or The Departed Outrage deals with the leader of a major crime syndicate and his decision to destroy the drug trafficking arm of a competing syndicate. All through his long suffering subordinate. Takeshi Kitano stars in and directs Outrage. He manages however small the part to steal each scene he is in. You believe he is a man capable of anything and ready to explode at any second Continue reading

Point Blank

8 Jan

Point Blank | 2010 | Director: Fred Cavayé | Site | IMDB
The opening scene cuts from black as a man crashes through a door, into a fence and starts running at full speed whilst being chase. It is almost non-stop action without the cost of plot, characters or emotion. The lead, Gilles Lellouche, was amazing as the protagonist trying to get his very pregnant wife back. The film leads you through some early twists that will shock you and pull you deeper into the story. Most thrillers will wait to about the last third of the film to lay some kind of twist on you. Point Blank gives you several right away and saves you from the later predictable twist ending, which compliments the story telling. The conclusion wraps everything up both believably and with a sense of violent karmic harmony. Break-neck paced and painfully suspenseful.

Great French action film from the first scene this movie is non-stop action.  The main actor, who I first saw in Tell No One, is fantastic.  I was yelling at the TV at some scenes because the suspense of this movie had me held.  It’s a movie you can draw the lines too but you don’t really know for sure which way they will go.  A definite must see and if you haven’t seen Tell No One see it!!!!!

Point Blank Trailer

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