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Take Shelter

4 Mar

Take Shelter | 2011 | Director: Jeff Nichols | Site | IMDB
Suffering from apocalyptic visions a father and husband begins to prepare for an oncoming cataclysmic storm. All to the disbelief and concern of his friends and family. Take Shelter is one of my favorite films of 2011. Directed by Jeff Nichols, who also directed another one of my favorite films, Shotgun stories, starring the same lead Michael Shannon. Another foray into the Southern Gothic genre plus an apocalyptic twist. The cinematography was gorgeous. Wide expansive spaces look gorgeous and entirely ominous Continue reading


24 Jan

Bellflower | 2011 | Director: Evan Glodell | Site | IMDB
Bellflower is the story of two friends who spend their time building flamethrowers and weapons of mass destruction to prepare for the apocalypse until love and infidelity tears their world to pieces. The cinematography was gorgeous and each frame of the film could be a work of art. The director, Evan Glodell, wrote, starred in and built the camera for the film. Total cost for this film $17,000 – that’s right. For a first time director it is exciting to know there will be more from him in the future Continue reading
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