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I Am Comic

21 Feb

I Am Comic | 2010 | Director: Jordan Brady | IMDB
I Am Comic takes a behind the scenes look at the life onstage and off of a comedian. Comedians of today and the past discuss their craft, techniques, why they do it and why they hate doing it. Being a very big fan of comedy I was pleased to see a lot of my favorites interviewed like Sarah Silverman, Todd Glass and Louis C.K. but I felt with a film like this director Jordan Brady missed a bigger opportunity to take advantage of the current resurgence in comedy. He gets a fair majority of the big comedy stars but I would have liked to see more from the booming alternative comedy scene Continue reading

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

12 Feb

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil | 2010 | Director: Eli Craig | Site | IMDB
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a spoof on the traditional backwoods hillbilly horror story. Tucker and Dale are a couple of lovable red necks heading through Appalachian-esc mountain woods to their vacation cabin. As a result of their looks and some accidental deaths all around them they are believed to be Deliverance-style sadist murderers. This is a horror comedy filled with tons of laughs and jumps. Not since Shaun of the Dead has a film of this style been made so well. Complimenting humor with scares and gore Continue reading

David Cross: Let America Laugh

2 Feb

David Cross: Let America Laugh | 2003 | Directors: Lance Bangs,
David Cross | IMDB

David Cross: Let America Laugh is a documentary that follows comedian/actor David Cross during his 2002 comedy tour for his album Shut Up You Fucking Baby. This is one of my favorite comedy tour films. If you are fan of David Cross or of the “alternative” comedy scene there is a lot in this film for you. You are privy to hours of behind the scenes antics and encounters Cross faces throughout his tour. You get very brief snip-its from his act. Where Cross shines is in his interactions with his tour mates, fans and club owners Continue reading

Bad Teacher

30 Jan

Bad Teacher | 2011 | Director: Jake Kasdan | Site | IMDB
Bad teacher is the story of Elizabeth Halsey, played by Cameron Diaz, who is an Junior High school teacher fresh from a cancelled engagement more or less just getting by in her life and work. She is only motivated by the idea a breast enlargement will solve all her problems. Thus she strings together a series of events to get to that goal. I must admit I did have rather low expectations for this movie and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of dark humor that ran through this film Continue reading

Mystery Team

14 Jan

Mystery Team | 2009 | Director: Dan Eckman | Site | IMDB
Mystery Team is a comedy about three childlike teenage detectives who take on a murder case. If I were to give a one-sentence description of this film I would say it is the spiritual EXACT opposite of the Film, Brick. Even in the sense, Brick I loved -this I did not. While it does contain some great laugh out loud moments and a comedically great performance by Donald Glover, over all I was left unmoved to love it. The ability of the three leads to be so committed to the innocence, speech and body language of children was very impressive and doesn’t quite lose its ability to keep you laughing. Unfortunately, I’m glad I watched it but won’t be watching it again any time soon.

This movie is a comedy that focuses on three guys who still act like little kids solving mysteries. They are given a chance to solve a murder and their childish personalities add to the whole style of this film. I am a big fan of Donald Glover from Community and that is the whole reason we watched this.  There were quite a few funny moments in this movie but I would not watch this again it was too over the top.

Mystery Team Trailer

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