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11 Feb

Timecrimes | 2007 | Director: Nacho Vigalondo | Site | IMDB
A man finds himself pulled into a strange succession of events, which ultimately leads him to accidentally time travel and through a series of unforeseeable disasters. Timecrimes is a fantastic Spanish science fiction thriller from director, Nacho Vigalondo. You do not need grand special effects or even any special effects at all to be a great science fiction film and Vigalondo proves this in spades. You are escorted through the first third of this film-revealing clue after clue allowing you to happily predict what will happen next Continue reading

Mystery Team

14 Jan

Mystery Team | 2009 | Director: Dan Eckman | Site | IMDB
Mystery Team is a comedy about three childlike teenage detectives who take on a murder case. If I were to give a one-sentence description of this film I would say it is the spiritual EXACT opposite of the Film, Brick. Even in the sense, Brick I loved -this I did not. While it does contain some great laugh out loud moments and a comedically great performance by Donald Glover, over all I was left unmoved to love it. The ability of the three leads to be so committed to the innocence, speech and body language of children was very impressive and doesn’t quite lose its ability to keep you laughing. Unfortunately, I’m glad I watched it but won’t be watching it again any time soon.

This movie is a comedy that focuses on three guys who still act like little kids solving mysteries. They are given a chance to solve a murder and their childish personalities add to the whole style of this film. I am a big fan of Donald Glover from Community and that is the whole reason we watched this.  There were quite a few funny moments in this movie but I would not watch this again it was too over the top.

Mystery Team Trailer

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