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Bad Teacher

30 Jan

Bad Teacher | 2011 | Director: Jake Kasdan | Site | IMDB
Bad teacher is the story of Elizabeth Halsey, played by Cameron Diaz, who is an Junior High school teacher fresh from a cancelled engagement more or less just getting by in her life and work. She is only motivated by the idea a breast enlargement will solve all her problems. Thus she strings together a series of events to get to that goal. I must admit I did have rather low expectations for this movie and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of dark humor that ran through this film Continue reading


8 Jan

Beginners | 2010 | Director: Mike Mills | Site | IMDB

This is a beautiful film. It is a superb story of love and loss and how similar they can be. The three leads, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer and Mélanie Laurent, are perfect in their roles and blend seamlessly together. I was surprised how poignant and reflective this film was, it was in rather stark contrast to the trailers. This story was loosely based on the life of the director, Mike Mills, and that definitely helped in conveying Oliver’s past. Most of the film deals with Ewan McGregor’s character, Oliver, struggling with his recent past and reflecting on growing up Continue reading
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