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F.E.A.R. 3

9 Mar

F.E.A.R. 3 | First Person, Shooter, Survival Horror | 2011 | Site
Fear 3 begins nine months after the events of the previous two games. You play as Point Man, recently captured and interrogated. You are freed by your brother Paxton Fettel, and set out to prevent the continuation of Alma’s bloodline. It is not so much the story that allows the game to be scary but rather the atmosphere. Throughout the game as you get closer to Alma you can hear shrieks of terror and shifts in the atmosphere. As if her contractions were felt by the world Continue reading


6 Mar

Outrage | 2011 | Director: Takeshi Kitano | Site | IMDB
The latest film from Takeshi Kitano, a.k.a. Beat Takeshi, Outrage is the story of betrayal and backstabbing within a group of Yakuza families. Reminiscent of Infernal Affairs or The Departed Outrage deals with the leader of a major crime syndicate and his decision to destroy the drug trafficking arm of a competing syndicate. All through his long suffering subordinate. Takeshi Kitano stars in and directs Outrage. He manages however small the part to steal each scene he is in. You believe he is a man capable of anything and ready to explode at any second Continue reading

Battlefield 3

28 Feb

Battlefield 3 | First Person, Shooter, Action | 2011 | Site
Battlefield 3 is a modern military first person shooter. Unfortunately like most military shooters the story leaves much to be desired. You play as a soldier under interrogation regarding an incident you were recently a part of. Your missions are structured as flash back episodes you replay during your interrogation. The story was very reminiscent of Call of Duty Black Ops, which was structurally laid out the exact same way. Not to spoil the story or ending, but it was laid out in the EXACT same way Continue reading

Revenge of the Electric Car

13 Feb

Revenge of the Electric Car | 2011 | Director: Chris Paine |
Site | IMDB

In the follow up to 2006’s, Who Killed the Electric Car, director Chris Paine goes behind closed doors at GM, Nissan and electric car start-up, Tesla, to understand the problems and resurgance of electric cars. During Who Killed the Electric Car the director took, or was perhaps forced, to take the outsider’s approach as to who was destroying the electric car industry. Revenge of the Electric Car has a completely different feel, aesthetic, outlook and style. You are the insider in this film. We have full access Continue reading

Meek’s Cutoff

4 Feb

Meek’s Cutoff | 2010 | Director: Kelly Reichardt | Site | IMDB
Meeks Cutoff is the story of settlers heading west in 1865 through varied and harsh conditions while not knowing if they have lost their way. Every aspect of this film keeps you in-step and feeling akin to the characters in the film. Scenes are slow and deliberate and begin to drain you like the circumstances are draining its characters. The true wide-open west experience was fully captured by director, Kelly Reichardt. Vast open space – unimaginably huge spaces were contrasted perfectly with the trapped, lost and hopeless feelings each character begins to embody. Bruce Greenwood, who played Stephen Meek, was fantastic opposite Michelle Williams. I have never seen Greenwood play a role like this, and he did it flawlessly. The outgoing, perhaps a little crazy, “old prospector type” is alive in Greenwood. I am more used to him as the stoic captain or President type. Meeks Cutoff is slow and painful in parts; but overall a fine film and great depiction of the all too American travel west. The ending will leave you guessing?

This film is about a group of families traveling west, who have paid a guide to get them through rough terrain in 1845. The travelers end up lost when their guide, Meek, offers a shortcut. They begin to question if they will find their way before running out of water.  The backdrop to this film is a desolate with little to no plant life.  The land they shot the film on brings you to feel for these characters. Michelle Williams plays the female lead and was fantastic. I thought the story in this film was very good and probably close to being historically accurate. The fear of knowing you could die of dehydration in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing you can do is a strong driving point towards the end of the film. I only gave Meeks Cutoff 3.5 stars because I felt the film dragged on during several scenes and it just didn’t keep my attention. If you are fan of westerns you may enjoy this more than I did.

Meek’s Cutoff Trailer

Point Blank

8 Jan

Point Blank | 2010 | Director: Fred Cavayé | Site | IMDB
The opening scene cuts from black as a man crashes through a door, into a fence and starts running at full speed whilst being chase. It is almost non-stop action without the cost of plot, characters or emotion. The lead, Gilles Lellouche, was amazing as the protagonist trying to get his very pregnant wife back. The film leads you through some early twists that will shock you and pull you deeper into the story. Most thrillers will wait to about the last third of the film to lay some kind of twist on you. Point Blank gives you several right away and saves you from the later predictable twist ending, which compliments the story telling. The conclusion wraps everything up both believably and with a sense of violent karmic harmony. Break-neck paced and painfully suspenseful.

Great French action film from the first scene this movie is non-stop action.  The main actor, who I first saw in Tell No One, is fantastic.  I was yelling at the TV at some scenes because the suspense of this movie had me held.  It’s a movie you can draw the lines too but you don’t really know for sure which way they will go.  A definite must see and if you haven’t seen Tell No One see it!!!!!

Point Blank Trailer


5 Jan

Audition | 1999 | Director: Takashi Miike | IMDB
How can you not love this movie? It is a modern horror classic with a huge payoff ending for horror lovers. This is one of my favorite Miike movies of all time. A nice slow burn of a film leading you in one direction then a perfect gore filled, life-changing ending. You will not forget this movie whether you like it or not. I like it Continue reading
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