April 3, 2012 | The New Deadwardians

The New Deadwardians | Author: Dan Abnett | 2012 | Site

Start with Downton Abbey, add a vampire detective- throw in zombies and you have a pretty good idea what The New Deadwardians is all about. The New Deadwardians is the final comic as part of Vertigo’s new comic a week in March. Written by Dan Abnett this new series takes place in England during the Edwardian era where society has been divided into three classes. The lower class- zombies, the middle class- humans, and the upper class- vampires. The first issue introduces and focuses on detective in Scotland Yard’s “Murder Squad” George Suttle. The issue ends with a mysterious vampire murder in broad daylight. I really enjoyed this first issue. It is extremely well written and builds upon an everyday detective murder scenario with supernatural beings. I personally hate when lore and the fantasy element overtakes story. You are not beat over the head with the world. It is what it is and it is accepted. Abnett has tweaked the world of vampires and zombies enough to keep it familiar yet making it uniquely his own. For instance the zombies where zinc based sun screen when they are out during the day- a classy touch in my opinion. This is one of the best new comics I have read recently and can’t wait for the rest of the series. It was so nice we bough it twice- below are the regular and variant covers for the debut issue.

Publisher: Vertigo | # in Series: 8

The New Deadwardians Issue #1 Cover & Variant Cover

March 19, 2012 | Dub Step Video Game Trailers

With the increased popularity of Dubstep inevitably comes the commercialization of the genre. I am seeing it everywhere. In particular in video game trailers. There have been several commercials recently with Dubstep somewhere in the commercial but below are few wub wub filled game trailers. I will keep adding more video game trailers as I find them.

The Amazing Spiderman Video Game Trailer

Borderlands 2 Trailer

Assassins Creed Revelations Trailer

March 14, 2012 | BioShock Infinite: Handyman

Part two in the Bioshock Infinite Heavy Hitters video doc features the giant, lumbering yet agile, mechanically melancholy Handyman. Ken Levine said they went through several iterations of the Handyman’s look before they landed on this version. I thought he was more of a Clark Gable black hair and mustache kind of looking villain in previous demos. I really like both looks, maybe there are multiple versions. Now I am equally excited to fight one and learn their sad backstory. Enjoy…

BioShock Infinite: Handyman – Heavy Hitters Part 2

March 9, 2012 | Assassin’s Creed 3 Screenshots

Like most gamers we are super excited to see what Assassin’s Creed 3 has in-store for us. Ubisoft has said it will be the biggest Assassin’s Creed yet. Colonial America creates a new set of challenges for the team. There were very few if any big cities in America at this time. Mostly rural and forested, these images help to show what we may come to expect. Robin Hood style woodland traversing and perhaps jaunts through Boston? It looks great so far. Is that hunting we see hinted at – perhaps a new gameplay element. I am hoping for hunting and skinning to create new clothing or weaponry? The main character is a half-native American named Ratohnhaké a.k.a. Connor so we can expect a brand new perspective on the Revolutionary War.







March 8, 2012 | BioShock Infinite: Motorized Patriot

If you are anything like me you are shaking with anticipation for the release of Bioshock Infinite this October. In the tradition of the rest of the great vid docs Irrational Games puts out Ken Levin talks about the new approach to enemy types they took for Bioshock Infinite. For this doc in particular he discusses the “Heavy Hitters” or tank class enemies you will encounter. There is some great gameplay footage of a “Motorized Patriot”, or as I like to call him the Robo-George Washington. Enjoy…

BioShock Infinite: Motorized Patriot – Heavy Hitters Part 1

March 5, 2012 | The Walking Dead Season 2 Box Set

I can’t wait for season 2 of The Walking Dead to end. One, to see what happens and two, for this freaking awesome box set. I bought the season one box set complete with zombie mask. Which is on a mannequin head in my closet that I rescued from a dumpster (long story). Anyway, I can’t wait to have this sitting right next to it. It is definitely one of the best looking box sets to come out in awhile.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead Box Set

February 29, 2012 | Borderlands 2 Trailer

I really loved the original Borderlands and after this trailer for Borderlands 2 I can’t wait for it. We finally have a release date of September 19, 2012. This trailer is fantastic. Gearbox delivers a lesson on how to get people pumped for a game. There is so much gameplay, cut very quickly to a great song. It doesn’t give too much away and teases just right. Like Dead Island before it this trailer is a hall-of-famer. The new characters and guns look great. I am ready for Wub Wub and to joy puke my face off.

Borderlands 2 Trailer

This is where all HIS non-game or film related reviews will be contained. You can expect anything he is really excited, angry, sad, confused or (another emotion) about. The civil war has been won and as soon as some more dragons die he will have time to start posting here. Cheers

Trailer for “The Reason This Page is Blank”


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