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26 Mar

Journey | Third Person, Zen, Adventure, Puzzle | 2012 | Site

Journey is beautiful, Zen and reminds you of what it felt like when you were young experiencing the real magic of video games. I have never played another game like Journey. Each minute you are awed by what you see and experience. The game length also plays an important part in this. Journey is only about two hours, normally this would bother me, but it felt just long enough. I played through the entire game in one sitting. I wasn’t ready for it to be over and it felt just long enough. Thatgamecompany, who also developed the indie game Flower, developed Journey. They exemplify what independent downloadable games can be- Great games and works of art. The gameplay is simple. You can walk, jump and float when you are charged. Your only other skill is the ability to send out a beacon which is your name represented as a symbol that can charge certain elements in each level. There is a multiplayer element to Journey but it is completely unique. As you travel you will encounter other players. You cannot talk or write to them. All you are able to do is walk together or go your separate ways. It is really a beautiful thing. Once you have finished the game you see a list of everyone you encountered on your journey. It is a completely new and freeing way to play multiplayer. One final thought: One of my favorite moments in Journey happens while you are traveling through a sandy stage it begins to darken then slowly you realize you are underwater. It is beautiful and fluid and I literally had to stop and make my girlfriend watch how the level transpired. It was like nothing I have ever seen. Please play this game. It is beautiful and like nothing you have ever experienced.

Developer: thatgamecompany | Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platforms: Playstation 3

Journey Trailer


This is England

3 Mar

This is England | 2006 | Director: Shane Meadows | Site | IMDB
This is England is the story of a troubled boy growing up in England. After being bullied he befriends a group of skinheads that become his new best friends. He begins to come into his own, build his confidence, make good friends be it older. When the return of a former skinhead, fresh from jail, throws their group of friends into anarchy. Very well told and believable are the hardships of growing into a man after the loss of his father in the Falklands War. You can feel the ability of this group to mold and shape a young mind right on the cusp of manhood Continue reading

Dead Island

27 Feb

Dead Island | First Person, Action, Survival Horror | 2011 | Site
Dead Island takes place on an exotic, tropical island where a zombie outbreak has destroyed the island and infected most of the inhabitants. You take control of one of four characters on a resort for different reasons all with unique skill sets. Dead Island is an excellent blend of first person action and survival horror. There is also a light RPG element that allows each character to level up different skill sets. It also allows you to assemble, upgrade and create weapons. The zombie genre in video games is definitely over saturated but Dead Island adds some twists that help set it apart Continue reading

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

12 Feb

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil | 2010 | Director: Eli Craig | Site | IMDB
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a spoof on the traditional backwoods hillbilly horror story. Tucker and Dale are a couple of lovable red necks heading through Appalachian-esc mountain woods to their vacation cabin. As a result of their looks and some accidental deaths all around them they are believed to be Deliverance-style sadist murderers. This is a horror comedy filled with tons of laughs and jumps. Not since Shaun of the Dead has a film of this style been made so well. Complimenting humor with scares and gore Continue reading


11 Feb

Timecrimes | 2007 | Director: Nacho Vigalondo | Site | IMDB
A man finds himself pulled into a strange succession of events, which ultimately leads him to accidentally time travel and through a series of unforeseeable disasters. Timecrimes is a fantastic Spanish science fiction thriller from director, Nacho Vigalondo. You do not need grand special effects or even any special effects at all to be a great science fiction film and Vigalondo proves this in spades. You are escorted through the first third of this film-revealing clue after clue allowing you to happily predict what will happen next Continue reading

The Darkness 2 Demo

9 Feb

The Darkness 2 Demo | First Person, Shooter, Action | 2012 | Site
I loved The Darkness when it was released in 2007. Which was only amplified by my love of Mike Patton. The Darkness 2 Demo only reveals a tiny bit of the story from what I’ve gathered is as follows. You are still the antagonist gangster from the first Darkness, Jackie Estacado. The demo starts with Jackie captured by a, lets say, evil looking crippled gentleman seeking to take his powers. Ok, enough guessing about the story. Quad wielding, which these games have hailed as their bread and butter, is back and feels great Continue reading


31 Jan

Drive | 2012 | Director: Nicolas Winding Refn | Site | IMDB
Drive is the story of a stunt driver / getaway driver who accidentally becomes entangled with the mob because of a woman. I loved Drive from the second it began. It was beautifully shot and scored. The art direction was beautiful and Refn’s style lended perfectly to the overall noir feel. Ryan Gosling was perfect in the role of Driver, saying very little but feeling extremely strong and in charge the entire film. It would be obvious in saying the chase scenes were great but that is not why I enjoyed this film. The characters were amazing. From Albert Brooks to Carrie Mulligan you really felt each character had their own story. Although their interactions were brief and not much was said you were still able to believe the intensity of their relationships. The ferocious violence coupled with the angelic electronic score helped to create a truly unique atmosphere in Drive. If I had to sum this film into one word it would be intense. You are constantly on the edge of your seat being teased with beautifully shot scenes unfolding in slow motion.

Gosling plays a stunt car driver who on the side drives for petty crimes. He ends up falling for a woman (Carey Mulligan) and things begin to fall apart for him. The driving scenes and music in this movie were great. The cast was phenomenal and I was amazed by all the actors that were in this film. The Director, Isaac Refn (Bronson), does an amazing job with creating tension within his scenes and I was on the edge during most of this movie. I feel like the relationship between Driver (Gosling) and Irene (Mulligan) could have been explored a little more given everything he does to protect her. But I feel this was probably just what the director wanted. This is a definite must see.

Drive Trailer

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